BIODYNE, whose teaching staff is composed of bio-engineers, civil  engineers, mathematicians and physicists, provides teaching in  mathematics and general physics at the bachelor level (various courses in general mathematics, particle mechanics, solid mechanics, electricity and its assistants contribute to teaching in thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and photometry).

At the end of the baccalaureate, more specific courses such as environmental physics, bioclimatology and metrology are also proposed.

We are then mainly active within the Master in Environmental Sciences and Technologies with a series of courses related to metrology/sensors acquisition and control, exchanges of matter and energy in biosystems, renewable energy, environmental impacts of agricultural practices, building physics and decision-making.

Detailed information on these courses can be found in the ULiège directory of individual teaching BIODYNE members (below).

BIODYNE is also active in the field of climate change education, with workshops and conferences offered in secondary and primary schools on the scientific basis of this global upheaval.

Teaching BIODYNE members:  Catherine CHARLES          Bernard HEINESCH          Frédéric LEBEAU        Vincent LEEMANS            Bernard LONGDOZ          Benoît MERCATORIS