Biosystems Dynamics and Exchanges

Teaching themes


General Physics / Environmental Physics / Bioclimatology / Biosystem exchange modelling / Plant-Ecosystem-Climate relations / Digital electronics



Research topics

  1. Coordination of the ICOS network in Wallonia ;
  2. Management of three terrestrial observatories (greenhouse gas flux measurements, micrometeorology) in mixed forests (Vielsalm TO); in crops (Lonzée TO) ; in grasslands (Dorinne TO);
  3. Methodology of eddy covariance : heat, water vapor, CO2, CH4 (in progress) and N2O (in progress) fluxes;
  4. Multilayer analysis of soil respiration and its isotopic signature in forest ecosystems;
  5. Impacts of crop management on soil respiration and soil organic content;
  6. Impact of phenology and environmental conditions on BVOC emission by forest and crop ecosystems;
  7. Evaluation of carbon storage by a farm with cattle : effets of climate and management;
  8. Evaluation of the climatic impact of agri-environmental schemes in Wallonia.