The rooftop of the TERRA building of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech will welcome a greenhouse in 2020. The way to build a new part of building as an integrated greenhouse, furthermore on a roof, is not the simplest thing ever. Therefore, one of the GROOF objective is to share this experience with other institutions in order to support them in their rooftop greenhouse project.

To do so, our Groofers from Liège University are identifying all the steps and issues of such a project operated in a public institution. Of course, they are also finding solutions!

By integrated to the building, this means that the greenhouse is connected to the latest, they will share the same energetic infrastructure, which allows to make an economy on the operational cost and also regarding the CO2 emissions. Moreover, thanks to the GROOF collaborator, the shape of the greenhouse was designed in order to save up of 13% heating energy compared to a standard greenhouse shape.

Thanks to the graphics work done by CSTB, you can already imagine where all the research and development will be developed. You can discover a quiet working environment, surrounding by rooftop vegetation aiming to foster the urban biodiversity.


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