Bio-sourced molecules: how to obtain, characterize and valorize them?

Dates and place

The dates for this winter semester will be from mid-September to the end of January in the campus of Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech (faculty of bioscience engineering from the University of Liège), at 45 kms in the South of Brussels (more details here).


The objective of this full semester in English is to be able to extract, purify and fully characterize a bio-sourced molecule or class of bio-sourced molecules on the chemical point of view.

Courses and their content

The student will have to choose at least 30 ECTS amongst the following courses:

Prerequisites / conditions to apply

The student must at least have completed a bachelor degree (180 ECTS) in bioscience engineering, chemistry or other similar life science fields, with an extensive knowledge of chemistry basics and…

Requested level of English

All courses being taught in English, students are requested to have obtained a level of English at least equal to B2 (CEFR).

Want to learn French in the same time?

As French is the official language around Gembloux, it is sometimes necessary to have notions of French prior to the beginning of the classes or during the academic year. In order to learn or help you improve your French, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech organises in Namur (10 min by train) integration weeks (the two first weeks of September prior to the academic year) including French classes and introduction to Belgian culture, food and heritage, and French classes during the academic year, in collaboration with other higher education institutions in the region.


For administrative or practical questions :