The Care FoodisLife’s general objective is to strengthen GxABT’s expertise in valorization of agro-resources.

More precisely, it regards carrying out the steps of fragmentation of agro-resources, of purification, of transformation, of fermentation which constitutes a key step for the development of biomolecules, both from a research perspective and from the perspective to support business development.

The platform includes workshops with pilot equipment, laboratories for analysis, as well as facilities with management and research teams. The pilot equipment consists of equipment related to agro-food aspects (such as for example an autoclave, atomizer dryer, micronizer, microfluidizer, fluidized bed granulator dryer, homogenizer, UHT sterilizer, centrifuges, high-pressure sterilizer, etc.). But also equipment related to fermentation (a fermentation line comprising fermenters with a maximum capacity equal to 2000 L and a downstream process zone (concentration, purification, preparation of the biomass, etc.).

A biophysics laboratory includes equipment such as nuclear magnetic resonance, viscometer, tensiometer, film balance, zeta potential, texturometer, spectrocolorimeter, farinograph, alveograph, infra-red analyzer, granulometer, turbiscan, microviscoamylograph, etc … Another laboratory is specific for fermentation.