ICOSThe LTO is a field crop production site close to GxABT.  The core of the experimental device is made of the eddy covariance flux measurement system.  This is an advanced technique, the only one to obtain flux measurements (energy, water vapor, GHG) at ecosystem scale with a high temporal resolution and during several years.  These measures, started in 2004, are complemented by fine monitoring of meteorological conditions, of the biomass and of the soil characteristics.

These informations allow to better evaluate the contribution of crops typical of the Walloon agro-ecosystems to the GHG exchanges, to better understand and model the component of their carbon balance and to assess the impact of some crop management systems.

LTO is part of ICOS, the Integrated Carbon Observation System, a European research infrastructure (ESFRI) for quantifying and understanding the greenhouse gas balance of the European continent and adjacent regions. ICOS-Wallonia includes three terrestrial observatories (greenhouse gas flux measurements, micrometeorology) in mixed forests (Vielsalm TO); in grasslands (Dorinne TO); in crops (Lonzée TO)

ICOS Wallonia

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