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The Experimental Cropping Farm

B. Bodson

Director: Prof. Bernard Bodson

The experimental cropping farm is located in Gembloux (Belgium), and about 50 ha are dedicated to agricultural research trials. The soil has a loamy texture (mostly Aba soils). Remainders of basins of a former sugar factory present markedly different properties than the surrounding native soil. The experimental farm is divided into several experimental zones with various research objectives. You can get more information about these zones by clicking on the map below.

Pest control trials Precision pasture Wildflower strips Residue management trials Cover crop management trials Agroforestry parcels

The Centre for Experimentation in Animal Production

BeckersDirector: Prof. Yves Beckers


The Centre for Experimentation in Animal Production is located in Gembloux (Belgium).  Its facilities allow AgricultureIsLife users to run experiments related to animal production in ruminants, pigs, poultry (broilers and laying hens) and rats.  Several rooms can host experiments using Biosafety 2 pathogens.

CEPA side view