The research platform AgricultureIsLife brings together PhD students since March 2013. Researchers from various countries (Belgium, France, Poland, Bangladesh, India, Madagascar and Vietnam) are working on different research projects related to the agriculture of tomorrow.

All these research projects are grouped into 4 main axes:

AXIS 1         What is the PERFORMANCE of non-conventional agro-ecosystems? (8 projects)

AXIS 2         How can we best valorize agricultural RESIDUES? (5 projects)

AXIS 3         Which are the new TOOLS and technology to develop for agriculture? (5 projects)

AXIS 4         What can be an alternative destiny or VALORISATION of agricultural products? (4 projects )

A first group of 18 students was funded by the university, but as the platform grows, it includes FNRS, FRIA and company-funded projects as well.