24 May 2017

Mr. Paul AMAN publicly presenting his PhD thesis

Mr. Paul AMAN will publicly defend his PhD thesis entitled:

“Field border flowering strips as a source of valuable compounds”

on the […]

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Sidonie ARTRU publicly presenting her PhD thesis

Mrs Sidonie ARTRU will publicly present her PhD thesis entitled

” Impact of spatio-temporal shade on crop growth and productivity, perspectives […]

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PhD thesis of Mr. Malik HAMAÏDIA

Mr. Malik HAMAÏDIA presented his PhD thesis entitled “Inhibition of Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 EZH2 lysine methyltransferase improves tumoricidal activity […]

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19 Apr 2017

Naina Andriamandroso presenting his PhD thesis

Mr. Naina ANDRIAMANDROSO will publicly present his PhD thesis on Monday the 24th of April 2017 at 10:30 AM in […]

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1 Mar 2017

Florine Degrune presenting her PhD thesis

Mrs. Florine DEGRUNE will publicly present her PhD thesis on Thursday the 16th of March 2017 at 2:00 PM in the […]

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8 Feb 2017

AIL Friday seminar

Vanessa Altino, a zootechnician from Universidade Estadual de Santa Cruz (Brazil), will give a presentation on the theme of  “physiology […]

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24 Jan 2017

Stakeholders meeting on the Agroforestry experimental plots

A first stakeholders meeting on agroforestry will be organized on the 14th of February to share initiatives and ideas as […]

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AIL Friday seminar

Friday the 13th of January 2017, our colleague from CAAS Lyu Jian is pleased to give a talk entitled:
Anticancer activity […]

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20 Sep 2016

AgricultureIsLife – Towards innovation in agricultural sciences

The special issue in BASE is published!


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17 Nov 2015

Corn harvested

Marie-Pierre and the people of the experimental farm worked hard to harvest the maize in the residue and cover plot […]

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29 Oct 2015

Aman Paul’s PhD project and the story of A, B & C

Aman Paul presented his PhD project at the ´Séminaire du Centre Interfacultaire de Recherche du Médicament (CIRM)´ held in ULg, […]

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30 Sep 2015

Opening of the academic year: AgricultureIsLife was present

AgricultureIsLife was present in the presentation of Profs. Cornélis, Carnol and Garré for the opening of the academic year “Soils: […]

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Nuit des chercheurs 2015!

Friday evening, Florine participated to the “Nuit des chercheurs 2015”, organized by ULg. She presented the “Hidden life of soil” […]

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Géraldine at the ELICITRA meeting!

Geraldine attended the French ELICITRA meeting last 17th of September in INRA, Angers (FRANCE).
The ELICITRA is an Integrated French network […]

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Naina at Milano !

Naina attended the 7th European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming (EC-PLF Milano 2015) from 15th to 18th September in the […]

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31 Aug 2015

Fanny in Switzerland !

Fanny attented the first author meeting of next IPBES reports at Engelberg (Switzerland). IPBES (http://www.ipbes.net/) is the new UN platform […]

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Géraldine presented an oral presentation at the IPPC in Berlin!

Geraldine went to present an oral communication about elicitor screening on wheat at the International Plant Protection Congress (IPPC) in […]

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28 Jul 2015

Drone flights in full swing

The 3-weekly drone flights on the fields are in full swing. Cedric Geerts, technician of our forestry research group, […]

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Fanny at a workshop about agroecology

This 13-14th July, Fanny attended a workshop organized by the Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission entitled ‘agroecology […]

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16 Jun 2015

Cooperation between ULg and CAAS and “Agriculture Is Life” platform

“Thanks for the cooperation between ULg and CAAS and “Agriculture Is Life” platform, we are happy to join the CAAS-ULg […]

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