“Thanks for the cooperation between ULg and CAAS and “Agriculture Is Life” platform, we are happy to join the CAAS-ULg program as PhD students and to have the opportunity to study for one year in Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. As the pioneer batch of Chinese candidate PhDs, we came here last year and have been here for six months. During the wonderful time we lived here, all of us harvested a lot. We opened our mind to new ideas, learnt new research methods and also made progress on our own studies. More importantly, we harvested the great friendship in the big family. All the professors, teachers and colleagues give us lots of help and support that we appreciate so much. We believe that our gains here are also helpful to our colleagues in China through the communication when we go back. Undoubtedly, our life experience here will become one of the most beautiful and valuable memories in our lives”.

Qi Liu, Qingxuan Xu, Lili Gao, Jianqing Guo and Shuangchao Wang

Group photo

Within the framework of AgricultureIsLife, many international collaborations are ongoing: from short research stays abroad and international supervisor teams to long-term, institutional collaborations.

More specifically, an agreement of collaboration has been established with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) located in Bejing.

CAAS delegation in gembloux - field visit cas