Where to find us?

The offices of the PhD students and coordinators of AgricultureIsLife are situated on the campus of Gembloux Agro-Biotech, Passage des déportés 2, 5030 Gembloux in building 3.

Getting there: http://www.gembloux.ulg.ac.be/campus/se-rendre-a-la-faculte/

Contact details

Chair: Bernard BODSON (b.bodson@ulg.ac.be)
Director: Jérôme BINDELLE (jerome.bindelle@ulg.ac.be)

Multi-discplinary coordination of PhD students: Sarah GARRE (sarah.garre@ulg.ac.be, +32 81 62 2180)

Managing committee:
Sébastien MASSART

PhD students

Telephone number of the PhD landscape office: +32 (0) 81 62 2173 or 32 (0) 81 62 2174.
Axis 1 – What is the PERFORMANCE of non-conventional agro-ecosystems? 

ANDRIAMANDROSO A. L. Herinaina E-mail: alh.andriamandroso@ulg.ac.be
ARTRU Sidonie E-mail: sidonie.artru@ulg.ac.be
BOERAEVE Fanny E-mail: f.boeraeve@ulg.ac.be
BREDART David E-mail: dbredart@ulg.ac.be
HATT Séverin E-mail: severin.hatt@ulg.ac.be
PECHEUR Emilie E-mail: epecheur@ulg.ac.be
UYTTENBROECK Roel E-mail: roel.uyttenbroeck@ulg.ac.be

Axis 2 – How can we best valorize agricultural RESIDUES?

CHELIN Marie E-mail: mchelin@ulg.ac.be
DEGRUNE Florine E-mail: florine.degrune@ulg.ac.be
HIEL Marie-Pierre E-mail: marie-pierre.hiel@ulg.ac.be
PARVIN Nargish E-mail: nargish.parvin@ulg.ac.be
THEODORAKOPOULOS Nicolas E-mail: nicolas.theodorakopoulos@ulg.ac.be

Axis 3 – Which are the new TOOLS and technology to develop for agriculture?

FASSOTTE Bérénice E-mail: bfassotte@doct.ulg.ac.be
LE MIRE Géraldine E-mail: geraldine.lemire@ulg.ac.be
NGUYEN Minh Luan E-mail: ml.nguyen@ulg.ac.be
OULED TALEB SALAH Sofiene E-mail: s.ouled@ulg.ac.be

Axis 4 – What can be an alternative destiny or VALORISATION of agricultural products?

HAMAIDIA Malik E-mail: hamaidia.malik@gmail.com
LEBECQUE Simon E-mail: simon.lebecque@gmail.com
MIAZEK Krystian E-mail: kmiazek@ulg.ac.be
PAUL Aman E-mail: paul.aman@ulg.ac.be