A research platform to develop the agriculture of tomorrow

Modern agriculture faces a range of challenges, which are partly due to the strong intensification of production during the past decades. Intensification has led to substantial improvements in global food security through higher and more stable food production and, in many countries, agriculture also has substantially contributed to economic growth. Agriculture, now covers roughly 40% of the world’s terrestrial surface [1], with croplands covering more than 50% of the land area in many river basins in Europe.

However, the adverse ecosystem effects of agricultural intensification on this vast surface area can have large societal costs that are increasingly being felt on human well-being [2]. Humanity is thus facing an enormous challenge in securing adequate food production without undermining the ecological life support systems on which human society also depends [3].

In response to these challenges, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech has launched the research platform AgricultureIsLife. The research platform promotes projects looking at the agro-ecosystem as a whole and stimulates the development of tools, techniques and knowledge improving the overall performance of the agro-ecosystem in terms of ecosystem services (ESS).

4 research axes

AXIS 1 – Performance of Non-conventional Agroecosystems

AXIS 2 – Optimizing the crop residue management in Agroecosystems

AXIS 3 – New tools to increase sustainability of Agro-ecosystems

AXIS 4 – Valorization of Agroecosystem products


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